Sunday, October 9, 2011


My latest obsession is crochet.
I've (this year) made 3 scarf hoods (scoodies), 2 berets, started on a ripple for my daughter, Margaret (better known as Babette, which brings me to the next project for Margaret), 2 scarves (one in simple UK trebles/US DC, the other is alternating rows of trebles and fans), and now I'm teaching myself how to crochet hexagons, so I can make a blanket for Katharine (better known as Goose).
When I've got the babette and hexagon blanket done, I'll have to make either an equalizer blanket or Super Mario blanket for Michael (... he doesn't really have a nickname, but let's call him Mouse, yes?), a "stained glass" blanket for myself and the Infoxicated Man, using African flowers (I'm thinking a "dazzle"/variegated yarn for the centre, the single thin line in black, and the surrounding 2 rounds in white), and then work out what to do for Isabella (better known as Chook).

*Sigh* I may even get it all done before Christmas.

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