Friday, September 2, 2011

Painting... Kitchen and household stuffs

So, I made the mistake of looking at my friends blog.
Viv from Ish & Chi is one of my oldest friends - we went to high school together, so we've known each other for around 20 years.
Thing is, though, as much as her house inspires me, and as much as I'd love to do simple things to it, my landlady would never permit it.
So, I'm stuck doing simple things.
My question today, readers, is what to do here...
I have a lovely black and silver shiney coffee machine from The Blue Pod Company - and I picked black because I figured white just wouldn't work in the kitchen. Here it is in its little corner...

Now, you can't quite see it, but that's an old passionfruit pulp tin that the frothing wand is soaking in.
I want to remove the label and paint the outside, but a at a loss to what colour... Suggestions?

And while we're looking at photos and thinking of painting... I still have to paint my first aid kit.
White with a red cross? 
Maybe white with a royal blue cross?
The reverse of either?

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