Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas decorating...

I seem to feel stupidly inspired around this time of year, and while I have an urge to use the fireplace as a focal point (aside from the garishly personalised-by-children decorated tree) it's been stupidly cold here (it's summer!) and the heater is in front of it. If I can manage to get the heater put away before Christmas day I'll probably end up filling the fireplace with left over Christmas baubles.
Meanwhile, as a focal point for the table, I'll be filling a lovely straight edge Maxwell Williams vase (which I discovered at a home gifts store here in town for less than $20) with the small gold and silver baubles we have. I tried putting oranges into the vase, but the tennis ball size oranges don't fit very well into the vase, so it will have to be the small (maximum of 3 cm diameter) baubles it will have to be.

Meanwhile, the wreath is on the door, the 150cm tree is up (though the star keeps falling off), and I am still not at all prepared - though I'm halfway through paying off the meat order.
And there's not even 3 weeks to go!

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