Saturday, April 7, 2012

And yet another crochet project...

So, I can't do just one crochet project. I get bored. And bored me makes everyone around me nuts.
And because of this, I have in the last few weeks crocheted some granny squares, continued on a scarf (those two will be sewn together for a scarf-hoodie for a friends daughter who is also a daughters friend), made some lovely four lobed motifs into squares (not enough of them to make even a lap blanket, but they will become Margaret's blanket), made some more hexagons (they were going to be for Isabella's blanket, but my beautiful and talented friend BG already made her one), designed, made and listed a coffee cozy for sale on Etsy, and started on a lovely velveteen beret in charcoal grey for myself.

Meanwhile, I'm n planning stages for a blanket for Katharine (she's slightly obsessed with stars and astronomy, and I just happen to have found some squares named after various stellar bodies (Mars, Jupiter, Earth, Orion, Betelgeuse, Mercury, Moon, North Star and amongst others). I may make a few (they're all 15cm squares) and arrange them in a checkerboard pattern with some solid squares in coordinating colours.

Now, what's the bet I never get it done? :P

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