Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A blanket for Margaret...

These squares have been adapted from a hot pad pattern. You make 5 of the motifs, sew them together, and you have a hot pad. But... I don't do that sort of thing. I decided I'd make a cushion cover. Then I kind of got carried away with the centres. So now, it's going to be a blanket - probably for Margaret.
Again, the instructions are in UK/AU terms.

You will need

a 4.5mm hook
2 colours of yarn (don't use wool. This is a kids blanket, you want to be able to throw it into the washing machine!) in 8ply.

Using first colour, ch5, slst to form ring.
Ch3, treb 3 times. (this is your first treb by 4)
*ch 6, treb 5 times*
Repeat * to * 3 times
ch 6, slst to top of first treb (the ch3).
Leave a small tail, and cut off.

Using second colour, ch3 into one of the lobes, treb 11 times into the same lobe (this forms 12 treb).
Treb 12 times into each of the other lobes, making sure you crochet in the tail you have left.
slst to top of ch (1st treb)
Leave a small tail and cut off.

Using colour 1, single stitch around the top of the motif.

To form into a square
Using colour 2, treb around the top of the single stitch, adding an extra treble into two of the corner stitches (totalling 4 trebles). You now have squares with rounded corners. I fix this by single stitching again in the second colour, adding in a ch2 at the corners.

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