Sunday, January 8, 2012

A note on netiquette...

Netiquette is a very peculiar thing - as far as behaviour goes, we haven't really developed correct etiquette for internet use, blogging etc. Having said that, there's something we should all be aware of.

Credit where credit is due, peoples. This is particularly important in design blogs.
Tonight, I was reading a design blog, and came across a photo which was credited incorrectly. I know it was credited incorrectly because I know where the photo was taken.

I have since messaged the owner of the area photographed, and also contacted the blogger with said owners details (blog name to be precise).
Yes, the blogger credited it, but she credited it to a design and style magazine. That's fine if you didn't also know that the article credited the designer (the person who owns the view).

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  1. Netiquette is developing, however, there are core rules and various rules depending on what your doing online. Thanks for sharing your netiquette rules.