Monday, September 13, 2010

A rant

I don't often do these, but I recently read something that started to get me thinking, and so, I decided I'd put my opinion out there

See, it happens, I'm a James Bond fan. Like, a serious one.
I can name Villains, counterintelligence, agents, gadgets, cars, etc, from just about every movie.
I can even name the movie by a random quote.

So, I appreciate it for what it is.
Pure marketing brilliance.
In fact, I can tell you now, were I the marketing genius behind the latest watch/wallet/phone/car/boat/suit, I would want it in the next James Bond movie.

Anyways, I recently read a rant from a blogger who said she enjoyed Bond movies, except for the over-the-top product placement.

Now, my question for all of the other Bond fans is, would you know what an Austin DB-9 is, except for Bond? What about an MG-A?
What about a Rolex? Armani suit?
Okay. The last two are givens. But still. You (obviously) get my point.

For marketing execs, product placement isn't just something. In the right movie, with the right person, it is everything.

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