Tuesday, June 22, 2010

le sigh

I love heels. It isn't because I'm short, because at 167 cm (5'7), I'm not.
I know I'm not tall either, though.
But, I like wearing heels.
So, today, on my "run in to Bankstown to get some food to cook for dinner for tonight" expedition, I wore my 3rd favourite shoes - my favourites being a fab pair of black and cream lace up 4 inch heels, and my second favourites are t-bar brogues, with a 2 inch heel.
Only thing is, but the time I got home (around 3 minutes ago), I couldn't unlace my 5 inch ankle boot brogues quick enough. My feet have decided I can no longer wear OMG-look-how-high-that-heel-is shoes.
And to think that I rarely wore heels at all, until we moved back to Sydney...


  1. nah, you just need to practise some more till your feet/legs/hips/back get used to them again - NEVER, EVER give up on your 4 inch heels :)

  2. The biggest problem is the left foot - I dislocated a toe around 20 years ago, and its now deciding to tell me about it every time I wear high heels